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Guest (s) at Buckingham Palace

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 I love you, Alex Vause. 

live-for-tomorrow-world asked: waht is the game you were playing? the one where you dressed up kate middleton btw love your blog :)

Covet fashion (: Thank you!

Anonymous asked: I love that game too! Can you add me? What's your closet value? I need friends! lol

Around 800k, lol. I need more friends too, need to borrow some clothes. You can only add more friends from the fb account. :/

Anonymous asked: What game is that?

Covet fashion. 

My Kate-Mid styles. I’m obsessed with this game. <3

Germany deserved it more than any other country, congratulations! ¡ALEMANIA CAMPEÓN DEL MUNDO! Mein liebe Deutschland. 🇩🇪🏆

Let’s go Germany! Only one step away being the world champions! Let’s go! I’ve got bets to win, lol. Good luck.

Throwback thursday: Royal Engagement Interview. 

The first Royal Google Hangout: Princes William and Harry chat live from Buckingham Palace. 

Prince Harry supporting England Women’s Rugby team appreciation post.