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Female, mexican, 21. Future architect and faithful lover of design and fashion. Design has always been my passion. Anglophile and lover of royalty.

Blog dedicated to the royal families of Europe, especially British and Swedish royals.

Guest (s) at Buckingham Palace

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Is all about beautiful baby George. 

Such a pretty boy. 

Happy family. 

Royal tour. 

"Hi, peasants." 

Baby Cambridge. 

Family portrait. 

Lady in red. 

He’s a charming little man. 

Anonymous asked: where are your pictures from the tour? im waitng for it!

Sorry, but I have a life out there. I’m architect now! lol. I’m a intern, I have a new job and I’m in the middle of a thesis, so… sorry. Yet, you can find the same pictures from other blogs. XXXX :*